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    After effects crashing almost every time I try to render.


      Hi there, new to the forum- and pretty bad with technology so apologies if I miss anything!


      I edit simple videos with images popping up on the screen, and myself on screen with the background keyed out. Sometimes I use basic 3d effects, particle world, and the Ease and Wizz plugin. Really nothing extensive.


      Recently after effects has been crashing for me more and more regularly every time I try to export, and now it crashes almost every time (it took me about 8 attempts to render out a 8 minute video recently).


      I need to render with alpha channels, so usually use Quicktime animation format, and recently I've also been trying a TIFF sequence. Neither work, After Effects always crashes within the first hour of render. I have also tried restoring older versions of After Effects, and still have the same issue. 


      I have 16 gigs of Ram and an Intel Core i7-4790K CPU processor.


      If anyone is able to help me out I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.