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    How to open acsm files on Linux


      Hey guys,


      I got some files from my library as acsm files. How can I open them with a normal Linux system? Looks like Adobe supports only Windows and MacOS officially. Are there any solutions or even hacks (an online service or a "hacker tool" or so converting these files would be also ok, the only solution not being ok is "Get a Windows").



      The Linux Guy

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          Paraplegic Racehorse Level 1

          Ideally, someone will create a decent replacement for the Adobe content delivery network with a reliable API which other softwares can link to. It really bothers me that Adobe effectively controls the entire (DRM-encumbered) epub market; completely and utterly. It's even worse that ADE is the least-often updated and supported of Adobe's software.


          Hey, Adobe! Howsabout you release ADE to Apache or GNU for continued development and publish a spec or API for 3rd party software authors to make use of the content network or even to deploy their own, similar, system?


          Oh, yeah. It's money. Clearly it's not __enough__ money to properly support your software, except at the server side.


          +the-linux-guy, the best thing I can tell you after dealing with this crap for years is to just not buy DRM-encumbered products.


          Sometimes, it works to contact the author directly, explain your situation and ask for non-encumbered file. Honestly, it works more often than you might think.

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