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    Cursor Acting STRANGE


      Hi There,


      Using LR 4, have not made any changes to my computer or done any updates in the last 24 hours...


      I just opened LR to work on some photos and for some reason the cursor is acting very stange..




      When I select the white balance dropper, it doesn't allow me to select certain areas on the photo- it turns back into the single arrow.  It seems like all the tools to this on the middle of the photo, but are still usable on the edges... (Brush, eye dropper, etc..)


      Also, when I select the crop tool, I can resize the image, but when I go to click on the newly sized image to slide the box to where I want it, LR skips ahead 3 images to another photo all together...


      Did I accidently hit a short cut????


      Please help!