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    Lightroom won't open sometimes, and when it does, can't import pictures

    CarolinaTexan Level 1

      I have Lightroom CC.  I am extremely frustrated.  I had it on my old pc laptop, and all was fairly good.  I have a new computer.  I loaded Lightroom onto it.  I can't import pictures from my CF card.  It doesn't seem to recognize my external hard drive where I keep my Lightroom file.  It recognizes the card (sometimes) as Lexar, instead of the previous Canon.  Sometimes, the preview pictures come up, sometimes not.  I was advised (and I probably should not have done this) to restore original preferences.  I did.  Still nothing.  I thought that maybe I didn't have enough room on my external hard drive.  I imported ONE picture, and it did fine.  Then, I couldn't get back to the Library.  I am SO tired of seeing that stupid little circle and waiting, hoping it will do something. I have a wedding to shoot in a few weeks, and am panicking that I will not be able to download any of my pictures.  I am ready to rip my hair out, as before the Windows update (not sure that had anything to do with anything, maybe coincidence), everything seemed to be working just fine (on my old computer).  Hadn't really started doing anything on my new one until today, when the old one was acting up.  I am so confused at this minute that I don't know what to do or who to ask.  FYI.  I have a Canon 5DS and the 5D Mark IV.  I know that, for awhile, the Mark IV wouldn't import to Lightroom.  I didn't have trouble with the 5DS, but now I am.  I import to a external hard drive from a CF card reader, traditionally.  Now, NOTHING is working right, and I'm not technically savvy enough to figure this out or understand have the the solutions I have read online.  I'm afraid to try the Mark IV download, too.  I need HELP!