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    Adobe crashing when briefcasing multiple documents (Creating briefcase of multiple documents which is searchable)


      Additional information on computer

      Version Adobe 11.0.0 Adobe pro


      Please advise if I've submitted this incorrectly as first time posting in this forum


      All below has been done on Win8.1

      Additional information & Already tried troubleshooting:

      Tried multiple documents (around 10,000)

      Tried multiple groupings of documents of difference size (30, worked. 5000, works occasionally. 10,000 works occasionally)

      Previously was brief casing 10,000 without any issues

      Documents have varying size (none in this section above 400 pages)

      Tried brief casing from both over network share & Local machine

      Tried multiple machines

      Tried running repair on Adobe

      Increase hardware specs on machine to double what already had

      Tried different sets of folders and files, no change

      Changed sleep settings so not to go to sleep during run time

      Checked Event-log, and was unable to find anything to indicate what is the exact cause of this.

      Only crashing when using the In Multiple Files tool


      Happy to provide any other additional information requested