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    Web App Input Form Doesn't Update Completely

    IAMTEEJAY Level 2

      I have a Web App  that is linked with another Web App. Currently, I allow members to update their own items in a secured zone by visiting a page that includes a Web App Input Form for that Web App. However, that Input form doesn't have the current list of items from the linked Web App, as the form is static HTML, capturing only the data from the linked Web App that existed when the form was dropped onto the page.


      To expand on this... when adding an item to the primary Web App, I fill in the fields native to it and then select from a list of items from a linked Web App. However, if I add an item to that linked database, any new items do not show up in the primary Web App's input form.


      How can an input form have a live and up-to-date list of linked web app items with out having to constantly drop in a fresh input form each time. There must be a way to have the linked web app field update dynamically.


      Make sense?