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    Blog that will work for Muse Version 2014.3


      HI, ive been trying for the last few weeks to incorporate a blog in adobe muse 2014.3. Firstly im using this version as my computer is an old one, so apologies to all the new muse software users reading this.

      I know there are several types of third party blog widgets out there, however many of them simply say 'Update version of muse for widget to be installed' which obviously i cant do. I finally thought id found one, it was called 'Bc Blog embeder' or something like that, but when i inserted it, i could no longer publish my site (error message kept popping up.) And after been on the phone to muse for 2 hours, they finally tell me that my site cannot be published because of the blog widget i have installed. As soon as he deleted the blog widget my site worked perfect when publishing.


      So is there any advanced users out there that know of any Third party blog widgets that will work on adobe muse version 2014.3? Any help will end a month of attempts/searching. Thanks