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    Image rejected due to similarity to another image.


      I just had an image rejected due to "Similar Image(s) Already Submitted".


      First, here is a screenshot of the rejection page with the image thumbnail:



      Now, here is a screenshot of my account page showing every image that has thus far been accepted. BTW, this account page and rejection page also represents the total number of photos I have submitted to Adobe up to this point.


      Comments please.

      How can this possibly happen? If this is what I can expect during the review process, why should I even bother submitting more photos? Does a human even look at them?

      Also, This is one photo. If you look at the time period that it took to get it reviewed, you'll see it was 3 days. What happens when you submit dozens or multiple hundreds of photos. How long does that take?


      In case anyone is wondering, the reason I only submitted a single photo for my first and second image submissions, I wanted to just get the account set up and see what happened with one image before I submitted a big batch and found out I did something stupid and would then possibly need to go back and re-submit a huge batch again because of a simple mistake that I was unaware of as a first-time contributor.

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          farm730 Level 1

          Hello? Is anybody out there? Does Adobe monitor this forum?

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            MatHayward Adobe Employee

            Sorry for the delayed answer, I was away from my computer yesterday. I spoke with the moderation team and learned the reviewer accidentally clicked the wrong rejection reason on this file. The noise and lack of overall sharpness was the reason the file had been rejected so they would normally have selected either "technical reasons" or "artifacts." I apologize for the confusion.


            Kind regards,


            Mat Hayward

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              farm730 Level 1

              Overall sharpness?  I can't make something sharp that wasn't sharp in the first place. These are shadows that were cast onto a painted surface. The painted surface had some light texture. The shadows were from 50 year old dusty curtains that were hanging in an old farmhouse. The light that was projected on the wall was filtered through the weave of the material and dust.  When you looked at the shadows on the wall, they lacked sharpness with the naked eye.  I guess I can stop submitting shadow photos. The rejection rate will be well above 50% based on this one issue alone.


              I can't say that I see the noise issue that you are referring to. Its not an overly high ISO shot. Noise reduction was used in Lightroom.