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    File layer merging automation

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      One person masks the background, another person makes color changes and a third person cleans up the file.

      Each person works on a separate version of the same file. Each person is assigned a specific layer name in the psd fie.


      At the end, the three separate files are merged into a single file manually.

      Can this merging process be automated with a script?


      Manual merge process example:

      1. Open file_01A from folder A

      2. Open file_01A from folder B

      3. Open file_01A from folder C

      4. Tile all open files vertically

      5. Drag specific layers from file to file to create the final master file

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          To me it sounds like you are trying  to create a composite where you dish out the work involved. I would think you may be able to dish out the work where each gets a lat to create the will be assembled into the final composite in layer order.  Each would render their layer as  flat png file all have the same size canvas and resolution.   The you could the use load files into a stack to assemble the composite. Each editor could use as many layers as the need to the set the layers visibility so just what the are responsible to do shows and save their  part of the composite as a png.