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    Wrapping an external website




      I'm trying to use Phonegap to wrap an Oracle Apex mobile app.


      Because Apex dynamically generates all the content I can't package the content as part of the PhoneGap app.


      I have followed various examples that I've found that show how to set the content of the PhoneGap webview to a URL by calling window.location.href="http://apexapppURL". I've tried doing this a couple of ways (using onDeviceReady hook and body onload) but all I get is PhoneGap launching the URL in my default browser when the app is opened. The app then just shows a blank screen.


      I've seen the InAppBrowser plugin but that doesn't look like it's what I'm after.


      My organisation has deployed PhoneGap APEX apps in this way in the past so I'm wondering if something has changed in PhoneGap to stop it working.


      I'm using PhoneGap Build to compile the app.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.