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    Elements 14: Excessive hard disc activity after launch



      I'm facing some problems with excessive hard disc activity each time I launch a certain project in Premiere Elements 14.


      The project contains approx. 280 video files (~30 gb) which are stored on an external hard drive.

      When opening the project it takes a long time (certainly more than 30 minutes) until editing is possible. During this time I can see maximum hard disc activity for the external drive in windows' resource monitor, see picture below. The hard disc activity is caused by Premiere Elements reading the media files.




      During this period my media files are temporarily shown as "offline" in the project elements list, followed by grey thumbnails which are finally changed to thumbnails of the video, see picture below:





      This also happens again after hibernation of windows without closing Premiere Elements: Media is first offline, thumbnails are re-created and looooong time of max. hard disc activity during which the programm does not respond. Within the programm there is no notification about these processes and editing is only possible once the readings on the external drive are finished.


      I've made another try with storing the media files on the internal hard drive without effect:

      After import of media the program runs audio conforming processes for all imported files.

      When finished and no further hard disc activity is visible the project is saved followed by a restart of the computer and launch of premiere elements.

      The excessive hard disc activity continues after the program states that all media has been loaded.


      Does anyone experienced same or similar problems?

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          kalrubei Level 1

          During the last start of premiere elements no hard disc activity was noticable after loading of media was completed. Since I opened the tab of project elements the hard disc was again at max. activity reading all the media. Thumbnails disappear and have to be generated again when changing type of view in the project elements tab.


          Meanwhile the "Media Cache Files" directory is increasing in size and file number. Some files are generated 5-6 times...