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    window.location in AIR 1.5 Ajax


      Back in July I developed an AJAX AIR app in AIR 1.0. I had several pages in the app and used window.location to move from page to page.

      I just finished making a bunch of updates to the app, and while it works fine when I preview it using Dreamweaver CS3, once I publish it and load it with AIR 1.5, the window.location calls no longer seem to work.

      I did a bunch of looking online for resources and found something like this:

      function redirectURL(url)
      window.htmlLoader.load(new air.URLRequest(url));
      //window.location = url;

      Once again, this works when I preview the app in Dreamweaver CS3 but not when I install the app. I can't tell whether Dreamweaver CS3 is compiling the app in AIR 1.0 or 1.5, but I did download a fresh version of the extension today.

      I'm pretty much lost in terms of debugging next steps and would appreciate any guidance.