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    How do I turn off "Microsoft HTML Help Workshop" ?

    stevenjs Level 1

      First, what is "HTML Help BugHunter" ? Sounds great, so I enabled it without knowing what it is. Now I get the following message:

      "HTML Help BugHunter cannot be enabled while Microsoft HTML Help Workshop is running."

      Which leads me to my next question: what is Microsoft HTML Help Workshop ? And more importantly, how do I turn it off?? I can find nothing in RH Help regarding this, nor an adequate description of what it is, or what BugHunter is.

      Frankly, I don't want anything to do with Microsoft running in any RH project of mine, least of all a "Microsoft HTML Help Workshop" -- this from the grossest junk code generator in the history of HTML.

      How do I turn it off, off, off ?