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    Adobe Muse ( the breakpoint question)

    christianarthurchampagne Level 1

      Yes i know hehe, it gets asked all the time and there is no easy answer for it either eh.

      I suppose the less the better. I know the basics. On my 2nd Muse site here, which is still in development.

      You can see the breakpoints i have used thus far below. Now what i would still like to know is there are a few obvious sizes

      or devices that need to be tailored to. So i have mobile and desktop covered but still probably need to get a a breakpoint in for

      Ipad ( tablets). Would i be correct in going for something around 768px w? So just wondering if I can get away with 4 breakpoints for my site?


      Many thanks for the help!




      Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 18.08.15.png