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    Animate CC Responsive and Scrollbars - incorrect width

    discsox Level 1

      Animate CC's responsive settings work fine as long as there are no vertical scrollbars.

      If there is html before or after the canvas that exceeds the height of the viewport, then scrollbars are displayed in browsers. Nothing wrong with that. However, the canvas size is determined by the createjs script and set with inline styles. That width does not include the scrollbar width, which makes the canvas wider than the viewport widht minus the scrollbar width. This in turn results in horizontal scrollbars to be displayed and essentially the right side of the Animate CC canvas is cut off.

      I could not find a publish setting that would address this issue and it cannot be fixed with any CSS settings because the height and width is set dynamically.

      Only idea at this point is to write some JavaScript to detect scrollbars and adjust the width of canvas after the createjs scrip has run - not pretty...


      Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.


      kind regards