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    How to setup cfhttpparam that takes multiple values?

    2Charlie Level 1

      I'm a doing a json calls via a third party's API and in one of its url_hash paramters, they gave me this example.


      json -- url_hash: { '$in' : ['office-365', 'office-excel', 'office-tutorials', 'office-products'] }


      So here's my current http request.


      <cfhttp url="https://app.example.com/api/head/category.json" method="get" timeout="15" throwonerror="false" proxyServer="webproxy.example.com" proxyport="8080">
        <cfhttpparam type="url" name="_authbykey" value="56a7d8c532131c40581235487">
        <cfhttpparam type="url" name="project_id" value="55c4ffd4567891c527e294fe6">
        <cfhttpparam type="url" name="limit" value="1"/>
        <cfhttpparam type="url" name="url_hash" value="#hash#"/>


      So, will line 5 of my code above work in this case? Or, do I  have to do something different?


      Thank you.