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    Lightroom 6.7: Can´t move points in RGB curve with mouse anymore. Develop module. Mac.




      I´m running Lightroom 6.7 latest update on an iMac 27" with MacOs Sierra latest update and Apple Magic Mouse.


      In Develop module catching and moving a point in RGB curve don´t work properly anymore. At release 6.4 it worked well.

      When catching a point in a curve I can´t move it constantly. It feels like a magnetic force will keep the point where it is. For example when trying to move a point up I move the mouse curser, but the point keeps where it is unless I reach the end of the histogra. Then it jumps to the border and gets sticky there.


      This behaviour only appears when developing my RAW files after some adjustments. When opening a brand new RAW file, it works. But after some minutes it don´t work anymore.


      Any help?