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    Private app limit reached




      First of all I woudl like to thanks for this project.

      I have HTML 5 application written on Sencha Touch and when I try to create native build I see next message: Private app limit reached.

      My subscription was started at 2016-10-06 and I didn't make any application yet.


      This is a Sencha CMD log:


      [INF] [Phonegap] Attempting PhoneGap remote build for android

      [INF] [shellscript]

      [INF] [shellscript] D:\workspace\App\phonegap>phonegap  remote build android

      [INF] [shellscript] [phonegap] compressing the app...

      [INF] [shellscript] cp: dest file already exists: D:\workspace\App\phonegap\build\www\config.xml

      [INF] [shellscript]

      [INF] [shellscript] [phonegap] uploading the app...

      [INF] [shellscript]    [error] '{'"error":"Private app limit reached"'}'

      [INF] [shellscript]    [error]


      Thanks in advance,