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    Exporting muse to existing site (non-muse)


      Is it possible to export a single muse page (say a products page) into an existing site (not created with muse)? How would I go about this?

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          Marquam Level 1

          Yes, I think you can.


          You have to export the Muse-Site as HTML and upload evrything (js, css, html, pics, folder) to root (existing page) and link the single site from the existing page. Use a external ftp-program e.g. Filezilla or Dreamweaver's FTP-client. But be carefull: dont override existing files (same name, same folders). Or use a single product page as a landing page: then you got the option to run it in a subdomain where you can upload the whole exported HTML files from muse.


          Hope that will be helpfull


          Regards, Dennis

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            GGR-stephanie Level 1

            Sorry for the delayed response.


            I'm still unsure how this thing goes. So currently my muse file has a main Products page and individual product pages.

            I will be appending those pages to a separate non-Muse site. Does it matter that the main Products page is currently defaulted to index.html in Muse? Or will it be fixed to products.html when I upload the files to the non-Muse site.