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    Horizontal Band Removal (Caused by cheap lighting) AKA Flicker Removal

    zacharykmvt Level 1

      I noticed this question has been discussed in past years but never truely answered. So bringing it up again to see if there have been any improvements.


      I was shooting some event footage at a corn maze and shooting with available light. That light was a series of cheap LEDs, street lamps, and so forth. All of which produced wide horizontal banding when my shutter speed was set around 1/60 and 1/80 of a second. Creating a post production issue where I have not found a solution just yet to remove the unsightly look. All likelihood I will just ignore the footage,  however, that should not be the case in trying to find a solution to this problem.


      There are plugins out there that "fix" the issue. But wanting to focus on just using plugins and techniques inside After Effects without resorting to third party plugins first. So has anyone encountered this issue and found a solution that can fix the problem? I am certain this has been an issue since DSLRs are so common place now for videography, that nearly everyone has this issue.