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    Imported images are not being displayed in catalog




      I am running LR6 (latest sub ver) on Mac running Sierra.

      Last night I imported images from my CF card and LR was showing only a portion of the total images that were imported.

      Thinking a glitch happened and some images were not imported i went back through the process of trying to import the images from the CF card, I was surprised to discover that all images on the import window are showing greyed-out - basically indicating that all the images are already imported, still i am unable to see them...

      I check, there are no filters applied. i them deleted all images from the folder and attempted to import them back again, this time I saw that the missing images are still greyed-out and the images that were showing and deleted are available to upload....

      I am not sure what is the issue and asking for help, fixing this. it appear that the images are stored somewhere and LR is aware of their presence but is not displaying them.


      thank you for your support


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          dj_paige Level 10

          You have imported the photos into Lightroom by accidentally choosing the COPY option and importing them to a folder other than the one you think they are in. So Lightroom thinks the photos have been imported and are in some other folder, and you cannot import them again. You need to find the photos in Lightroom, by performing ALL of these steps in order


          1. Click on All Photographs on the left hand side of the Library Module, under the word "Catalog"
          2. Turn off all filters (Ctrl/Cmd-L once or twice)
          3. Use the FIlter bar to search for one of these photos by File Name
          4. Right-click on the photo you have found and select either "Go To Folder in Library" or "Show in Finder/Explorer"
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            Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

            Are some of the images JPGs and others RAW file? If they are then you need to select the option to Treat JPG file next to RAW as separate files.

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