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    Graphic Design


      Dear graphic designers, I'm in search of a specific graphic effect, that I do not know the name of. I want to create it but I don't know where to start since I don't know the name of this particular effect.


      The effect I'm refering to is the same as the effect in the letters in the image, but animated.



      Animated it would I guess flicker and shimmer. I hope someone can help me out on this.

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          Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

          it's called text displacement. the common way for doing this is to create a black and white bars displacement map and use the displacement map effect to manipulate the text or anything else you want to displace.


          1. create a composition with white and black bars. one way to do it is place white layer on a black layer. and add the vanetian blinds effect to the white layer and manipulate it like this for example


          to use this as a displacement map for your text you place this composition in your main composition with your text and add the displacement map effect, and set this layer as your displacement map like this for example:

          you can animate the horizontal and vertical displacement

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I would probably generate that offset kind of effect using a displacement map. A simple black and white graphic with some horizontal lines of different widths would be used as the source for displacement and you would animate the x offset. There are lots of ways to do this but I think this would be a very simple thing a newbie could handle without too much trouble.

            Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 1.22.37 PM.png

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              great minds think alike....

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                oimatewtf__ Level 1

                Thank you both, I'm indeed quite new to graphic design but eager to learn, and then I found the effect I refered to and create something with it but for the life of me I had no idea what it was even called, let alone find a tutorial on to make it, I will take from both of you and apply it to my test comp.

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                  Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

                  I Thank you Rick for your generosity in that statement