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    Button is adding a space at the end of URL

    rsbisa Level 1

      If this is the wrong forum, MODs, please kindly move to the correct area.


      With inDesign, I have created a button with the action > On Release or Tap > Go to URL.


      I have several buttons like it in the document, all of them work fine. However, this button, upon export, is adding a space at the end of the URL. Consequently, the site I'm trying access is giving me an error.


      So, this is the link that works,  http://www.inovius.com/public/?groupID=2e902bed-7c92-4dfa-b295-fbd9eb448f36


      But becomes this link upon export, which creates an error.  http://www.inovius.com/public/?groupID=2e902bed-7c92-4dfa-b295-fbd9eb448f36%20


      Of course, I have gone through - several times - to make sure there is no space at the end of the URL in the button. But, after export, the space has returned.


      Is this because of the type of link (ending in random numbers)? Is there a known fix for this?


      I have a workaround, where I copy/paste a button from Acrobat over my interactive button from inDesign. This works, but takes some time to paste it to every page, as the button is part of a master page.