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    Adobe Font Problems :: HELP

    MichelleDiamond Level 1



      Please can somebody from Adobe assist me.


      I opened a file from another designer and my machine went on the blink.


      I am missing tons of fonts whenever I launch an adobe app.


      I have done a reinstall of El Capitan and have uninstalled and reinstalled the most used apps (photoshop, Illlustrator, InDesign, Lightroom and will be needing to AfterEffects urgently tomorrow...)


      Illustrator is asking for AdobeSansMM. I have no idea where to get this or how to fix my problems. This is just one font. I am asked for many as I go along.


      Please can I have a reply. I only have one machine and have pressing deadlines.


      Thank in advance.

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          MichelleDiamond Level 1

          After Effects is asking for : SIL-Hei-Med-Jian


          This is not on Typekit.



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            mollybd Adobe Employee

            Were you using Creative Suite before your computer crashed and you installed Creative Cloud? Creative Cloud does not come bundled with a collection of fonts as Creative Suite did, which is the best explanation I can think of for all the fonts you are now missing.


            However, AdobeSansMM is not a font that has ever been available for license or local installation. There is a forum thread that explains this in much greater detail: I want to use adobe sans mm in editing a document

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              MichelleDiamond Level 1

              Yes mollybd was using the Creative suite.


              What happened is I did an "english" advert that I then sent to a different designer to translate to Zulu - All done in photoshop as we were working very fast. Since it was my own artwork and fonts, when I received it back and had to open it in order to create zulu Social Media cubes, I got the option to refresh or restore the font. I selected to replace or refresh - since it was my own artwork. From then on my machine literally blew up.


              I could not find the problem. I use Font Explorer Pro 5. I did a duplicate search.. I actually tried everything. MS Word 2011 was crashing on launch, Google Chrome lost all the fonts so I could not work on any website styling (could not see a thing).


              I reinstalled google chrome, I then booted in restore mode and reinstalled ElCapitan. Then ALL Adobe apps refused to open without strange font requests. I then uninstalled CC Desktop and reinstalled I then also uninstalled most apps and reinstalled.


              I hunted down a git repository with Google chrome font and installed those.


              I have asked people who are Apple acredited to please send me missing fonts. I have installed those. Some wont install at all.


              I still have Adobe apps asking for fonts and these fonts are not even available on typekit or any foundary.


              Would Adobe have nay solution for me? My workload is steep so I do not have time to wipe my drive and start a 100% clean installation.