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    Creative Cloud Sync to LR mobile



      I am having an issue that has been going on for about two weeks. I upload photos to my DSLR into Lightroom on my desktop. I then choose the ones I want to sync to Lightroom mobile for possible sharing. I have done the same steps for over a year, and I have never had this issue. When I add the photos to my "IG photos" smart collection, they show on my desktop Lightroom that they are in that collection, but on my Lightroom mobile app they are not there. Usually, when I edit these photos on my desktop, it says at the top left corner "syncing 1 photo" now it says nothing. It's not every photo or even every time I use Lightroom, but it's becoming more frequent and its getting annoying. I have tried logging out, updating, clearing out thousands of photos, and nothing is working! HELP!