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    Reducing the number of frames


      What I am trying to do

      A picture is worth a thousand words: Using Animate CC, with the Snap.svg plugin, I am trying to create an animation similar to this CSS Transforms-based SVG animation and targeted for the web. Each of the five SVG layers are being rotated around an central origin point for varying amounts of time (e.g. the monuments for 240 seconds, the airplanes for 60 seconds, etc).


      What I have accomplished so far

      Using Animate CC, with the Snap.svg plugin, I have created a very basic animation of two simple shapes converted to two movie-clip symbols. The main timeline consists of two layers. Each layer consist of a single keyframe containing one of the movie-clip symbols. Each movie-clip symbol contains a Classic Tween rotate animation  on its own timeline. The only difference between the two symbols is the length (i.e. number of frames) of their respective timeline..


      My project is set to 30 fps. I added 7200 frames to the timeline for the first symbol. (240 seconds (duration) X 30 (fps) = 7200 frames) to mimic the animation of the "monuments" layer on the CSS Transforms example.  I added 1800 frames to the timeline for the second symbol. (60 seconds (duration) X 30 (fps) = 1800 frames) tiomimic the animation of the "airplanes" layer on the CSS Transforms example.


      It seems to be working fine when I publish it.


      So what is the problem?

      It seems like it is a lot of frames. When I read this regarding a limit of 16,000 frames for the older Flash CS6, I started to wonder if there is a better way to do my animation. I'm already close to half that CS6 limit and this is simple animation.


      Is there a better way to do this? I'm guessing that some custom Javascript is a possibility. If so and you know of any examples/tutorials on the web that you could point me too, that would be great. Please keep in mind that if my current solution is acceptable, please just tell me. I'm not looking to make life more difficult.


      BTW, I tried lowering the fps but significant decreases resulted in a choppy animation.