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    Flash Builder Project -- Without "project" meta files


      Good Evening,

      I have been given the source files for a Flash Builder project (circa 2014) and I have been asked to resurrect the project for updates.  The source file delivery does not include any of the project meta files (ex. .project, .settings, etc.) .  I only know that it is a web application. I was also given "deploy" files for the project which can be successfully deployed to an Apache Tomcat server and run.


      Is there any way to guess how the project was set up, or import into Flash Builder?  Are there any files which act a a marker? For example the libs folder contains "PureMVC_AS3_MultiCore_1_0_5.swc", and the source folder contains a whole bunch of ".fla" files.


      Sorry, I am very new to Flash Builder and I just trying to help a friend.