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    Plugin org.apache.cordova core plugin if no source is assigned


      I saw this notice


      Access to public plugins from this repository will be removed on November 15th, 2016.

      Please use Cordova plugins from npm.



      1.) Wondering the org.apache.cordova plugins like contacts/device (the core plugins)....etc if no source is assigned are they are pgb or npm???

      Also are those being removed from the public plugins as well??


      (Let me refine the question a little more, i know that the org.apache.cordova.* is old, it migrated to npm to cordova-plugin-*, but if i am currently pulling from org.apache, does it mean everything is going to be the same if i just pull from npm?) Because i dont want to break anything


      2.) For private plugins are they going to stay where they are, or if there are plans to migrate them as well??