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    Lightroom not responding or opening


      I frequently use LR on my PC and in August it automatically updated to Windows 10, I've used LR since the update but recently I click on the app to start and it opens then never responds or starts. I've tried running it in Windows 8 compatibility version-no luck. I've tried everything but uninstall/reinstall because I'm scared of losing the program...

      The troubleshoot expains opening the event details but I'm not getting any of the same error fail notices. I just don't know how to get it open!!

      Any hints or tips to try before taking the uninstall plunge?

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          One thought-

          Have you re-booted the computer?


          My similar situation-

          I have LR-CC2015.7 on Windows-10, and it mostly runs very well, but several times (after Windows updates?),  it will run once and cannot be re-started without a computer re-boot.

          When it will not start, I can click the program icon several times, I can open Task Manager and there is several copies of Lightroom running in memory, but nothing opening.

          If I right-click and 'End Task' on each line with Adobe Lightroom, then I can start it up. (A re-boot achieves the same result)

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            F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Windows 10 does not really completely shut down with 'shut down' to get started faster. This does not always work perfectly. So, every now and then, a reboot is needed because the reboot completely shuts down Win10 and reloads everything on the restart.

            This 'fast start' - I don't know how it's called in english Windows - can be turned off in the advanced energy settings.


            I have a rather old Laptop that with this function activated even starts to a black screen with a mouse pointer only while everything is running in the background and responding on keystrokes.

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              mike240 Level 3

              I agree with wobertc and F.McLion. I've experience serious problems with Lightroom either not responding, not opening and not importing after Windows 10 has done some upgrade in the background. This has happened twice now. I tried all the 'fixes' I  could find in this forum and more widely on the web, but nothing fixed the problem. However, in desperation (the first time it happened) I turned off the power at the plug socket and rebooted. The PC and Lightroom then behaved properly. The second time I experienced the problem (yesterday) I did the same thing and it worked again.


              F.McLion has, I believe, put his finger on the cause.....the 'fast start' that Windows 10 uses.

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                WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                Another thought- with the same problem.


                You could also try this procedure-


                1. Do a computer reboot/re-start
                2. Open/Run Lightroom
                3. Open the Task Manager. (CTRL+ALT+DELETE)
                4. Right-Click on the App- Adobe Photoshop Lightroom- (Image 1)
                5. Select the option "Go to details"- (Image 2)
                6. Right-Click on "Lightroom.exe"
                7. Click on [Set Priority] (Image 3)
                8. Set the Priority to "High"
                9. Close Task Manager.
                10. Close all programs and Re-Boot the computer
                11. (Optional) As you open Lightroom- Reset the Preferences by holding down [SHIFT+ALT].
                12. Check LR closes and now re-opens correctly.


                Image 1:          In Task Manager Right-Click on the App Adobe Photoshop Lightroom-

                Image 2.         Select the option "Go to details"-


                Image 3:          Right-Click on "Lightroom.exe"  to Set Priority to "High"


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                  F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Actually the reboot (your step 10) is what solves the issue. Personally, I'd not change the priorities. This only helps in situations where a lot of other tasks are running concurrently - which usually is not the case when one is working on photos in LR. It's better to not have to many programs open while working in LR because of the available memory, with which the above priority change does not help.

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                    jessiew2202 Level 1

                    Thank you! I did the full restart/reset last night and was able to get it up and running!