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    No audio in After Effects CS5 after upgrading to Windows 10


      Hi everyone,

      First of all, I appreciate any help I will get here.


      I upgraded my Windows 7 to Windows 10 a few months ago. I have Adobe CS5 Master Collection and it seemed to work fine, except there is no audio in After Effects CS5.


      Not only that, as soon as I open After Effects all sound is turned off. If I have music or any podcast or radio station playing in the background, it shuts off all audio in the system. Audio comes back again when I click outside of After Effects interface to have some other software active. For example, when I minimize After Effects and go back to desktop, audio is back.


      I tried several options:

      I updated the drivers for my sound card - no result

      I changed the sound card and reinstalled it. (I had an Asus card and I changed it to Sound Blaster) They both don't work.

      I changed the computer for another one with Win 10. Still, there is the same issue. No audio and it turns off audio in the system whenever After Effects is active.


      A partial solution was to change settings in After Effects: EDIT > PREFERENCE > AUDIO HARDWARE . I changed the Default Device from Asus Xonar (or Sound Blaster Live in one attempt ) to After Effects WDM Sound. And... there is still no audio in After Effects but at least in does not shut off all audio in the whole system, so I can at least have some music playing in the background.


      My questions are:


      - any ideas how to bring back audio in After Effects CS 5? Anybody had this issue? WOuld be great to hear from anyone, anywhere Thanks in advance

      - are there any sound drivers proven to have no issues with WIN 10

      - is there any way to actually hear audio when After Effects WDM Sound is set as Default Device

      - should I take out my Asus sound card (or my older Sound Blaster that I also tried) and depend on a motherboard internat sound card

      - do you think that this motherboard sound card would work? ( I have not actually tried that). Maybe that is what After Effects WDM Sound stands for

      - is there any other software (hopefull open source) where I could take my Movie Clip rendered in After Effects and add Audio to it. I am looking into Fusion.




      Thanks for any ideas and recommendations and hopefully solutions. I look forward to it and it will be a great help to make After Effects just work without resorting to other software. (I paid for my CS 5 and for the time being I do not consider getting a subscription plan.)