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    Destination folder not available (external hard drive)




      I need some help please.


      Have been using LR for a little while now.

      Copied my master images and Catalog to external HD due to working on 2 computers, one PC one iMac


      Was busy importing my images via LR on Mac last night at home when the last import showed up grey images (no preview thumb of image)

      Ejected HD and updated LR - haven't checked on the Mac again.


      Came to work PC this morning, insert HD and open master catalog stored on HD

      Catalog opens fine, try to re-import images which were greyed out last night - and getting the error message

      "Destination folder "Volumes/Seagte Backup Plus Drive blah blah blah..." is not available. Using "Pictures" folder instead.


      When checking for the folder in LR it shows up, the HD is connected properly, have tried to check folder permissions, they seems fine although I cannot be 100% sure.


      I went ahead and clicked OK then imported images copied to HD with Windows (I know I shouldn't?) into LR again....


      Will this cause any issues?