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    Missing folders in standard catalogue


      Hi all


      I experience the following issue of already imported folders missing in my library in Lightroom.


      LR runs on my Windows 7 computer. My pictures are stored on an external drive, which I always connect using the same character (F:). The first time a day I open LR it asks me which calaogue I wish to open. Once I chose the standard catalogue, my formerly imported folders are not shown in the library and the path of the folders is not displayed completely:



      My workaround is to open a backuped catalogue which I used the days before and which I know is correct. Here the path of the folders (Fotos/Familie/2016) is also shown correctly.


      When closing and re-opening LR the same day the issue does not occur any more. But opening LR the next day I am faced with the issue again.


      I already tried different workarounds like the mentioned one as re-importing missing folders or exporting folders as single catalogues. For the first case LR tells me that these pictures are already in the catalogue but is not able to show neither the original images nor the history. And the second case is just not praticable.


      Overall this behavior of LR is really weird and annoying - looks like a real bug to me. Any ideas how to fix the issue?