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    Filters in Develop module - temperamental LR or User Fail?

    parkylondon@gmail.com Level 1

      This has only started recently so I don't know if it's LR or if the problem exists between the keyboard and chair...


      I'm in the Develop module. I've starred my images and now I want to filter them for further processing. Let's say, I want all the 4 star images in my folder.


      I mouse down to the bottom right "Filters" section in the Develop module. I Select 4 stars, and it shows me the 4* images - very briefly. LR then reverts to "Filters Off" and displays everything again.  I cycle through this select 4* images / revert to Filters Off display three or four times and it eventually "sticks"..

      The panel switch doesn't seem to make a difference at all. I can do this with the switch up or down...


      Have I forgotten something or set a switch somewhere? Or is it a bug? What is causing this behaviour?

      It's driving me nuts.


      Thank you.