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    What code do I need to pause the audio in SWF

      Hi folks, i have created a SWF file with text, video and audio embedded in it and uploaded it to my website. It all works fine but I would like to offer viewers the possibility to pause the audio and continue playing if they wish. I am not sure what code i need for this. I am using actionscript 2 even though I am using Flash CS3 because the actionscript 3 I was given did not work at all.

      Below is the code I am presently using. What code do I need to add and where to make the audio pause and replay? Also, do I have to make something different within the instance of the audio button in my Fla. file? If so, what should I do?

      I am grateful for your help. If it is not clear to you what I am doing you can see the swf file on my site here