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    Question Regarding Use of 'Adobe Audition Downloads'



      I'm working on a project currently that requires sound effects. Being that I am a student with a limited budget, I am looking for free sound effect sources. Free in this case being that I don't need to pay for the use of them, and that I may use them in a project that I may sell later without having to pay for a license or fee.


      The download in question: Adobe Audition Downloadable Content: Sound Effects, Music Loops, and more.


      It says that it is royalty free, however I wanted to first check the fine print in a EULA, but I could not find either the right document or any section pertaining to the specific use of these sounds.


      EULA page: Licenses and Terms of Use | Adobe 


      Could someone help me either find the correct document with the section talking about the use of these downloads, or confirm for me if I can use these sounds for free forever in a commercial product.