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    Cannot change order of photos in a collection on Apple TV

    William Horton

      I cannot force Lightroom for Apple TV to display a collection of photos in a particular order - Capture Time. The app seems to be displaying photos in the order they were originally added to the initial collection in Lightroom. (The photos in the Collection do update, however, because changes made to any of the photos does show up.) Here is what I have done to solve the ordering problem:

      • Ensured the photos in the Lightroom Collection are set to the order I want - Capture Time.
      • Unsynced the Collection to remove it from the Lightroom for Apple TV display.
      • Synced the Collection with Lightroom Mobile.
      • Went to lightroom.adobe.com to make sure the photos are in the correct order - Capture Time.
      • Opened Lightroom for Apple TV.



           The order of the photos in Lightroom for Apple TV does not change. The order is still the order the photos were originally added to the synched collection. The order of the photos on the iPad and iPhone is correct. Plus, there is the option of changing the order by clicking on the title of the collection. This feature is not available on the Apple TV app.


      Additional Actions:

           I will unsync one of my collections and then create a new collection to hold the same photos. I will drag the photos enmass from the old collection to the new collection, then delete the old collection. I will sync this new collection to see if it will display the photos in the desired order on Lightroom for Apple TV.



           Whether or not my Additional Actions will work, the fact remains that this behavior seems to be a bug. Does anyone have additional advice on this subject?