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    InDesign crashes while opening




      Apologies for starting yet another thread on this topic, as I see there are several others open already. I did reply to one thread this morning but haven't gotten a response from an admin or Adobe tech help. Hoping yet another thread will get some solutions flowing.


      Here's the problem... Since last Friday, every time I try to open InDesign, a dialogue box pops up during initialization informing me that the program has stopped working. I'm running Windows 10.


      I've tried the following things to try and rectify this, but to no avail:


           1. Restart computer

           2. Scrub preferences

           3. Uninstall and reinstall program

           4. Uninstall program for a second time, restart computer, run the Adobe CC cleaner program (or app?), reinstall the program.


      None of these measures have worked. Please help me find a solution as I'm up against a project deadline.


      Many thanks (and god speed),