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    How do you add some values if the field is empty?


      I am not familiar with Acrobat language. I'm trying to create a form fill with the W4 Form. There's a field where I have to add lines 3 and 4, but you can include amounts for credits from another worksheet. So I'm trying to sum the field 3 and 4 if the event value is empty, but if there're some other amount I want to add then I could add the manually and type them in the formfill.


      This is the code I currently have:


      var v1 = getField("W4D3").value;

      var v2 = getField("W4D4").value;


      // Set this field value equal to the difference if the field if empty

      If (event.value == null)


      event.value = v1 + v2;