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    Wiggle Expression


      I am trying to create sort of a melting effect, but don't want it to just fade away, so I added a wiggle expression. My problem is is that it wiggles then just goes back to zero (as in the effect completely goes away momentarily.) How can I keep it from going below a certain value?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You have to scale the amplitude of the wiggle along with the main animation to avoid value clipping. Look up a tutorial on how to tie wiggle() parameters to expression controls, e.g. the rather comprehensive one from Video CoPilot.



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            Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

            not sure exactly what you are trying to accomplish so I am going to share a few ideas


            1. you can use the clamp expression to limit the values for the wiggle. if it's one value like opacity, you can use this:

            w = transform.opacity.wiggle(20,30);



            this will limit the wiggle's frequency of 20 times per sec, magnitude of 30 pixels per second in the opacity between the values of 30 and 60


            2. like M suggested you can pickwhip your wiggle magnitude to an expression slider. this way you can control with keyframes the amount of wiggle.

            it can look like something like this:

            wiggle(5,effect("Slider Control")("Slider"))


            this means the value will change in a frequency of 5 times per second and in a magnitude that can be keyframed with an expression slider. you can add it to the layer in the effects&preset panel and pick whip the array to the expression slider.


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              cameronb34171999 Level 1

              Do  you remember which tutorial it was? I knew they did one about it I just couldn't remember which one. Thank you for the answer though!

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                cameronb34171999 Level 1

                I do have it parented to a slider control as shown above, but in a certain point the wiggle amplitude goes to zero and the effect completely goes away momentarily. I don't want the value to go back to zero if that makes any sense. Thank you for the reply!

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                  Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

                  I actually showed Magnitude, but you can make another one for the amplitude so you will have 2 sliders. M maybe referring to this: CreativeCOW but it explains the same thing as for tiw wiggle to sliders. with the clamp expression I showed in a the previews post you can make wiggle with enormous values and it won't reach 0 if you set your limits to 10,20,30 whatever you want. if that does not solve you problem please try to specify in more detail what exactly you want to happen.