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    Character Styles not flowing into InDesign from Word


      I am writing a new book.  I use an iMac.

      My very experienced editor uses a PC.  She has been establishing character styles such as italics based on underlying properties for emphasis. When she sends me an edited chapter in Word from her PC the italics show up correctly in Word on my iMac.

      For example, if she uses a character style that provides for italics to emphasize a phrase such as "you are determined to nail your numbers" the phrase  shows up correctly italicized in Word on my computer and is in the same font and size of type as the surrounding text.

      However--and here is the problem--when I flow the text from the Word document into InDesign, the type shrinks from the 14 point type we are using in Word to 10 point.

      Moreover, if I create the same character style on my computer, it works correctly when applied to a Word document. But the type shrinks to 10 point when flowed into InDesign. 

      And, finally,  if I apply the character style to larger type, such as that in a header, it does not only italicize it but shrinks it to the size of type used in the body text.

      My editor and I have spent a lot of tie trying to figure out what is going on and we are stumped.  How do we provide for the character styles flow into InDesign without shrinking?


      thanks, David Gerstel