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    Is InDesign the program for my use-case?


      Okay, here is my situation:


      I manage the pricing department of a grocery store.  Every month, we get sales from our various distributors.  In order to create a uniform presentation for our customers, we hand-make all of our sale signs - upwards of 1000/month - rather than using those provided by our distributors.  Currently the program we have been using for this is Print Artist Platinum.


      Not to put too fine a point on it, this program is... not good. 


      We are considering switching to InDesign, but currently in the process of figuring out if it it the right program for our needs.


      What we need is a program we can use to make a basic template for each size of sale sign - 2up, 8up, 16up, etc - and then quickly and efficiently fill in product information: brand, description, price, sale price, etc.  The point of sale system we use does not give us a way to access this information in any kind of convenient database format, so that will have to be done manually.


      One of the few things that I like about Print Artist is that you can make a text box of a certain size, and the program will automatically resize any text you place in that box to fill the box.  If you adjust the size of the box, the text adjusts automatically.  InDesign does not seem to have an equivalent feature in the short amount of time I have played around with it; I'm concerned that will mean lots of time fiddling with font sizes to make products with vastly different description lengths look nice.


      So, as the title says - is InDesign the best choice for this project?  Are there scripting tools or features of InDesign that can make this project more efficient?

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          Sandee Cohen Adobe Community Professional

          Yes, InDesign is the best choice. HOWEVER, you will need training to understand how some things are very different from your current program.


          I can't go through all the features that will allow you to speed up your workflow. But some of it means working slightly differently. Here's an example with your auto-sizing text.


          You create a large frame and the text automatically resizes. But with ID, you would create a text frame set to auto-size and it will expand as you enter the text. But the size of the text would be small to start.


          But then, you could drag to resize the text frame holding the Command or Ctrl key and the text would enlarge or shrink to whatever size you make the frame.


          If you decide to switch, you really need a good consultant/teacher to come to your office and go through your workflow and sit next to you and your people and show how to replicate your existing workflow.

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            flaming1 Level 2

            This sounds like an excellent opportunity for some simple grep - the price can re-size based on how many digits were entered. This  also works for the description if the grep is set to count characters. No tinkering needed other than casting a quick eye over line breaks perhaps.


            We did price tickets for a large supermarket chain every week for years like this - using a relatively simple data merge.