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    Cannot use comment features on multiple PDF's


      We have been using Adobe DC now since it first came out without issue. All of a sudden we are unable to use the draw, comment, call out etc in multiple PDFs at one time. This is something we REALLY need to be able to do. We are also unable to move pages around in the document or between documents anymore. I don't get why this was not a problem until two weeks ago. I know that you are able to use these features in whatever the last document is that you open, but that is extremely inconvenient and I find myself having to open and close documents over and over to create my finished product. If anyone knows of a solution to this issue so we can go back to how it was, I greatly appreciate it. This started happening to all of our computers in the office at the same time so I am assuming it was from an update, but unsure. If we cannot get this fixed its going to make for a really annoying tax season!