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    Preview of 4K clip in 1080p project not accurate


      I'm trying to include some 4K videos in a 1080p project and previewing the 4K part of the video shows unexpected results.  However, when I export the video, everything is as expected.  The issue is that even though I've unchecked "Scale to Frame Size" on the 4K clip, the preview still shows the clip as if it was scaled.  But the exported video correctly shows the 4K part as zoomed in.  Most of the time I'll probably scale the clip so it won't be an issue but there will be occasions where I'll want to pan and zoom or crop it.  And not having the preview of it will make things much harder.


      Am I doing something wrong or is this a limitation of 4K support in Premiere Elements?


      I'm using version 14.1.


      Thanks for the help!