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    Lightroom 6.7 - black & white auto-mix preferences missing

    antermoia Level 1



      it appears that the "Apply Black & White auto-mix" preferences setting is missing entirely in Lightroom 6.7/CC 2015.7, at least on the Windows version. Furthermore, the black & white auto-mix appears to be set to "on" and one has to manually reset the black & white mix to zero the sliders for every black & white conversion.


      The preferences settings are available in Lightroom 6.6.1 and work as intended there. I hope this is not an intentional "enhancement" - the black & white auto-mix isn't exactly useful as a starting point in any way.


      I've searched the forums but couldn't find a matching entry. I hope this hasn't been reported/asked before.




      Here's a screenshot from Lightroom 6.6.1, notice the first to items in "Default Develop Settings":




      For comparison, a screenshot from Lightroom 6.7, where the first two settings are missing: