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    Lightroom 6.7 Crashes

    Cattaraugus Level 1

      I have stand-alone Lightroom 6.7.  HP Pavilion 64 Bit; 6GB DDR3 memory; Windows 10 Home; AMD Radeon HD 7560D graphics; AMD Quad-Core A8-5500 processor.  Lightroom 6.7 works normally but crashes when:


      1.  Selecting Library from Develop.  If I switch from Library to Develop without editing any photos, LR does not crash.  But if I edit or export a photo, the next time I switch from Library/Develop/Library I get a black bars in the lower corners and directly under Library | Develop.  If I click the black bars, I get the shutdown box.  Click anywhere else and I get a white screen and can shut down using the X in the upper right corner.


      2.  After editing 4 or 5 photos in Develop, eventually clicking anything results in a black screen, again with the X to shut down the program.


      I've reinstalled Lightroom 6 and updated to 6.7, with no change in the crashing.


      Any suggestions how to fix it?

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          antermoia Level 1

          Hello - since you mentioned that you reinstalled Lightroom 6 and then the patch to 6.7 again, did you also try installing the patch for 6.6.1 instead (ie., the previous version)? Might be worth a try to see if Lightroom 6.6.1 also crashes under these circumstances.


          I'm mentioning this because I reverted to LR 6.6.1 from 6.7 - not because of any crashes, but because LR 6.7 appeared to be much slower on my computer; thus I'm inclined to think that something more than what we're seeing in the changelogs has changed, internally, which affects operation in 6.7 versus previous versions.

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            Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

            HI Cattaraugus,


            Have you tried unchecking "Use Graphics Processor" in Preferences>>Performance. Refer Adobe Lightroom GPU Troubleshooting and FAQ


            Let us know if that helps.



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              Cattaraugus Level 1

              Thank you for the suggestion, but unfortunately it did not work.

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                Cattaraugus Level 1

                Thank you for the suggestion, but it did not work, but led me to a solution.  After reading more in the forum and the  various blogs, etc., it is plain that the problem is between LR and AMD graphics drivers.  So I decided to reinstall my graphic drivers and update if required.  It turns out that AMD considers my HD 7560D to be "legacy" now (since Feb 2016 - about the same time I quit developing photos for a while).  But AMD does offer a Beta version of a final driver and so I loaded that, reinstalled LR 6 (but did not update, and everything seems to work. 

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