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      Hi, I'm very new to motion graphics so any patience you can offer is greatly appreciated... But I did this composite video where I have a 3d object in a video in cinema 4d Lite. CC2015...... I know ( i guess?) typically you're supposed to render back to After Effects, but is there a way to just render my C4d video to a quicktime movie? I tried rendering but in my render settings, (and this is the very very frustrating part) there is literally no window to enter a save location... On the left, There is "output, save, multipass, etc..." I select save, and in all the tutorials they have a window to select location and type of file, but in mine it just has under "Regular Image" : depth, image color profile, alpha channel, 8 bit dithering, include sound, and then another tap for "Multi pass Image..." There is NO window to select a save location! Does anyone know what Im doing wrong? I just wanna be able to get this short clip off my computer...Thanks!