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    Pencil glitch with layers

    abbsterrr Level 1

      hi, i have been using this on my iPad Pro for several months intensively. I just updated to io7, or whatever is most recent and now the pencil tool is gltiching when I use it on a layer over top another layer with drawings on them. It does not glitch on a single layer, and does not glitch with the other tools. When it glitches it now draws as if it were inverting itself, it looks like an xray in motion, very strange. I have been drawing with adobe products for 17 years almost daily, and have never seen anything like this.  this happens both with the Apple Pencil and my finger.


      This is does not happen in any other apps I am using.


      I am prepping for a major show in just a few days and urgently need help so that I can meet my deadline!