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    Annoying hangs on iMac Retina 5K


      In the last day or two, one of my users has been having problems with InDesign 2015.5 on an iMac Retina 5K running El Capitan.


      If she creates new documents on the local machine, once they are saved, every mouse click or UI interaction results in a momentary pause and the wheel of death for a second, which is one-half annoying and one-half unusable (because it breaks drag & drop unless you hold the mouse down whilst the system returns to responsiveness).


      Funnily, documents opened from/saved to a network drive are fine, which flies in the face of all reason!


      Whilst I have reset her preferences, I have also logged into the Mac using my own user profile (Windows AD login, Mobile Account setup) and can recreate the problem, which tells me it's not a user profile issue. InDesign is completely up-to-date (it was moved to the latest release this morning to try and resolve the issue, to no avail).


      The Mac has a Fusion drive on-board, which I have given a pass with Disk Utility and it comes back fine, although I haven't run Disk Utility from Recovery, so how deep the revised 10.11 utility scans when the OS is running isn't clear.


      Should I remove InDesign, clean up the local folders and then reinstall it or is there something I can look at first? I believe any disk cache is also set to the local drive, but this problem is present on small ~1mb test files and huge multi-image/link documents.