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    How to add Java Script in Adobe DC pro


      Hi all! I know this question has been asked to death by now but I was unable to find the answer. Any who, I'm trying to add a bloody script for a pre made form to make all Field mandatory and give it a pop up as well! Also how do I apply this to the form itself? I have Java enabled on Adobe DC pro.


      I'm not sure if this right code


      f = getField(event.target.name)

      if (f.value.length == 0)



          //Optional Message - Comment out the next line to remove

          app.alert("This field is required. Please enter a value.")



      I got this from Adobe's Acrobat 8 developers tips, wondering if this also works in DC pro as well.  if this code is no good can someone post be the right code please and thank you.


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