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    Issues creating multi-level bulleted lists

    Stephen Barrante Level 1

      A fairly exhaustive search on this topic has not proven helpful. The issue I'm having is that I want to create a new format that will change the bullet for the second level of a bulleted list. Currently this seams to only be natively supported for Numbered lists.


      • Level 1 text
        • Level 2 text


      ^ Even the forum supports this formatting!


      Word natively does this, so you get a filled bullet at level 1 and a hollow bullet for level 2. I've followed several tutorials for creating multiple paragraph styles, but if you currently have Bullets selected, the option to change the "level" is greyed out.


      Either this is a bug or a "feature", but it doesn't let you change this. I suspect there is a convoluted work around, but was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.


      Appreciate the help.