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    Issues creating multi-level bulleted lists

    Stephen Barrante Level 1

      A fairly exhaustive search on this topic has not proven helpful. The issue I'm having is that I want to create a new format that will change the bullet for the second level of a bulleted list. Currently this seams to only be natively supported for Numbered lists.


      • Level 1 text
        • Level 2 text


      ^ Even the forum supports this formatting!


      Word natively does this, so you get a filled bullet at level 1 and a hollow bullet for level 2. I've followed several tutorials for creating multiple paragraph styles, but if you currently have Bullets selected, the option to change the "level" is greyed out.


      Either this is a bug or a "feature", but it doesn't let you change this. I suspect there is a convoluted work around, but was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.


      Appreciate the help.

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          mehmet meşe Level 1

          Hi Stephen;

          My Solutions.


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            lisam25858560 Level 1

            I found that if you switch to numbers, which you pointed out will allow you to choose a list and the level, you can switch back to bullets and the list and level is maintained.

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              BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional



              That is just how InDesign works—so it's feature, not a bug. This forum automates bullets, but InDesign gives us complete control over all options.


              So, use the bullets button on the Control Panel to create the first level. I'd recommend saving it as a ¶ style.

              InDesign CCss_029.png


              Then, select the first group of second level bullets. Hold Alt or Opt and click on the Bullets button to open Bullets and Numbering. Click Add.

              InDesign CCss_025.png

              Pick the desired bullet, click on Add, then Ok.

              InDesign CCss_028.png

              Choose the new symbol and increase the Left Indent value.

              InDesign CCss_026.png


              This may be more work than you were hoping for, but does this forum—or Word—give you easy access to flower bullets?

              InDesign CCss_030.png

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                samantha angel.49476900 Level 1

                Barb - THANK YOU!!!! I was searching the forums for an hour for this and I kept finding advice to open the paragraph styles pane, but my version (CC) did not seem to have any of what they were talking about. Or else they were talking about how to set up and name styles. Far more complicated than what I wanted to know - to click the darned paragraph symbol to toggle the tools at the top bar. The rest was straightforward - though I can't seem to find a hollow circle still.


                But..I am so grateful to you right now! have a good night.

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                  BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

                  Hi Samantha:


                  The trick to a hollow circle bullet is to find a font that has that character.


                  Alt/Opt click on the bullet button, Add.


                  Screenshot 2018-02-27 07.03.58.png



                  I used Wingdings.

                  Screenshot 2018-02-27 07.12.37.png


                  But they are huge.

                  Screenshot 2018-02-27 07.12.53.png


                  So I created a character style to make them smaller and used a baseline shift to adjust the vertical position, and assigned it through the Bullets & Numbering dialog box.

                  Screenshot 2018-02-27 07.15.43.png




                  P.S. I just re-read the original Q&A from last September and see that I used a degree symbol, found in any font. That works, too.